Health News

Cinnamon Challenge

There is a new popular dare game students are trying. It is called the "cinnamon challenge." As part of the challenge, a person attempts to swallow an entire teaspoon of dry cinnamon (no water) without vomiting or inhaling. They are putting these challenges on YouTube. It is obviously not a good idea. Some health dangers:

·          If the cinnamon gets inhaled instead of swallowed or spit out, it could cause severe chest pain.

       Choking could occur if the dry powder gets caught in the throat 


There is also a new brochure about food allergies put out by NIAID.

Charlotte and the surrounding area ranks 5th in the country for worst places for allergies. Most attribute this to the amount of trees in the area and the climate. Tree pollen is the main culprit in the spring. Grass pollen peaks in the summer and weeds pollen peaks in the fall. You cannot avoid pollen all together. However, you can roll up car windows and keep house windows closed. Air conditioners filter out pollen. To check daily pollen counts in our area, go to:

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