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 Bernard Waugh
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Welcome to My Social Studies Classroom

About Me: 
     I have been teaching Social Studies and History for 20 plus years, and I still love what I do.  I am married and have three kids in the Kannapolis school system.  In the course of my life I have lived in New York, Colorado, Wyoming, and North Carolina.  I can honestly say there is no place like this.  My family and I love it here.
In 2008 - 2009, I was honored to be chosen as this regions' teacher of the year.
College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:
    Houghton College: BA
        Major: History
        Minors: Secondary Ed. and Sociology
    SUNY Fredonia: MA
        Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Philosophy/Vision:
   "And once we have given our community a good start,' I pointed out, ' the process will be cumulative. By maintaining a sound system of education you produce citizens of good character, and citizens of sound character, with the advantage of a good education, produce in turn children better than themselves and better able to produce still better children in their turn..."(Plato)
        National Board
       Certified Teacher