Class Rules

Kannapolis Middle School Physical Education Guidelines


1.      ALWAYS DRESS OUT FOR CLASS:     If we are not going to be dressing for class you will be notified in advance. The KMS P.E. Unifrom or equivalent (see Student Handbook) is required. We will pass out uniforms at the start of each class, and collect them at the end. 


2.     Each day of class is worth 5 points total: Attendance = 1pt, Dressing out = 2 pts , Participation = 2pts, Unexcused tardy = -1pt.


3.     Report to attendance spot at the beginning of each class. We will hand out uniforms and then you will be directed to change. Once you have entered the gym you may not leave your class for any reason without permission from YOUR teacher. 


4.     NO GUM, CANDY, FOOD, or DRINK of any kind is allowed in the gymnasium or locker rooms at any time!


5.     NO HORSEPLAY IN LOCKER ROOM!! Always use proper school language. Inappropriate behavior will result in detention or office referral.

6.     DO NOT bring personal items to the gym/locker room. PE STAFF WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. Students are only allowed to bring a change of clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items. NO BAGS OR BOOKS! Keep everything except clothes, shoes, and deodorant in your hallway locker. We will provide storage for personal items for 6th period

7.  HAVE FUN! And give all activities a chance before you decide you don’t like them.