8th Grade Class Blogging
Accessing your blogspot:
1. Login to your Gmail Account
2. Click on the "more" tab at the top and then click on "blogger"
3. Click on the name of your blog (in orange)
4. On the screen that comes up, you have multiple options (look at the left hand side for these options)
            a. Click on "new post" to create a post. After you title and write your post you will need to publish it.  Title your post according to the name of the activity (for book clubs this would be Book Title-Pre-Reading Activity or Book Title- Post- Reading Activity)
            b. Click on "settings" to edit your blogspot address (click edit, change the address and then click save).  ANY adjustments to your blogspot name must be immediately given to Mrs. Newell.
            c. Click on "template" to edit your design.  Feel free to experiment with designs as long as they are school appropriate.  You can change the color/background of your blog under this option.
5. You can edit your profile (add information, a picture or a sound clip) at the top right of the above page.  Click on the down arrow next to the name of your blog (in black).  Click "blogger profile" and then "edit profile."  This will give you the option to add images, sounds and information.
Follow your classmates blogs:
"1st" Class:
Braylee Childers: http://shorty430.blogspot.com
Jon Culp: http://thehotdrummer123.blogspot.com
kayla Depascale: http://kayladepascale.blogspot.com/
Matthew Dunlap: http://krustykrab1.blogspot.com
Sara Duplisea: http://saraxox13.blogspot.com
Jordan Engen: http://theskaterjordan07.blogspot.com
Parker Gentry: http://parkergentry.blogspot.com
Deja Goins: http://jineja.blogspot.com
Carmen Granillo: http://carmenngg.blogspot.com
Kinley Guilbe: http://kin-layye.blogspot.com
Jaren Lipscomb: http://jarenthetrackstar.blogspot.com 
Kaytelynn Mullins: http://kaytelynnvb.blogspot.com
Mac Philips: http://miamimac2.blogspot.com
Andrew Pierce: http://glakatations.blogspot.com
Joshua Pluard: http://supersayianjoshua.blogspot.com
Stella Ridenhour: http://fnafmarionettescaryface.blogspot.com
Jaida Riley: http://youaresocoolarentyou.blogspot.com
Lauren Ritchie: http://softballplayer10.blogspot.com
Bethany Sigmon: http://bethanymaree123.blogspot.com
Kayleigh Skinner: http://stormcatcher7.blogspot.com
Maddy Stamey: http://skrillix.blogspot.com
Jeb Stewart: http://jebthesavage.blogspot.com
Journey Stewart: http://frogdogjellyfishawesomeness1000.blogspot.com/
Colbe Tidwell: http://jcthahooper.blogspot.com
Gabby White: http://gabbierthanmost.blogspot.com
Matthew Wilson: http://choclatetuch.blogspot.com
Idaeryah Young: http://idaeryahyoung.blogspot.com

"2nd" Class:
Abigail Abernathy: http://softballislife271.blogspot.com
Lilly Beaver: http://lillybeth5678.blogspot.com
Thomas Bitler: http://trainboy45.blogspot.com
Abigail Breeggemann: http://giraffeabby1.blogspot.com
Jillian Brim: http://jillianleigh22.blogspot.com
Abigail Bringle: http://jakefromstatefarm1333.blogspot.com
Billy Burris: http://ghstbcbomber828.blogspot.com
Samuel Carver: http://scarver88.blogspot.com
Ryan Cuthbertson: http://5kryan.blogspot.com
Michael DaCosta: http://michaeladac.blogspot.com
Max Downing: http://ohioagainsttheworld14.blogspot.com
William Fullerton: http://ronulyssesswanson.blogspot.com
Emily Galindo: http://626emma.blogspot.com
Yvette Garduno: http://yvettegp1.blogspot.com
Olivia Hoagland: http://oliviajaneh9.blogspot.com
Murphey Kennerly: http://murpheyk.blogspot.com
Koda Lemelin: http://kbuglem.blogspot.com
Caroline McDaries: http://lolz-cgm.blogspot.com
Lex Pearson: http://xbxoxoxtxyx.blogspot.com
Paris Phillips: http://parisgoogleblog.blogspot.com
Erin Poteat: http://erinpoteat.blogspot.com
Carson Purvis: http://betterthanohiostate.blogspot.com
Corbin Richardson: http://batman9898.blogspot.com
Kylin Riddle: http://unofficialycrazy.blogspot.com
Anna Roche: http://annaroche1.blogspot.com
Eshan Shah: http://breezytho.blogspot.com
Abigail Wall: http://pinkpanda1234.blogspot.com
Brook Watson: http://brookwatson2376.blogspot.com
Ian Waugh: http://ianwaugh12.blogspot.com
Alex Woods: http://whatsupmyglibglobs.blogspot.com