Links for Parents and Students


We will be doing science-related current events weekly in our classroom. Students will be using and to access science articles on their level. I will give students a login for Newsela in class for them to access these articles. There is no login for Students will be using a written form to respond to the science article of their choice on a weekly basis. These responses will be due every Thursday. Copies of the form are available in class, but if you need to print another copy, the link is below. The link will only work if students are signed into their KCS account on Google Chrome. 

Want to know what we're doing?
Parents can keep up with what we are doing in the classroom at all times! We will be using a digital interactive science notebook to help us take notes in class. The link for that is here. Students must be signed into their KCS account in order to access the site. They must sign into their account on Google Chrome in order to see it. Have them show you what we're doing in class every week! 

If your child is absent, he or she can complete makeup work and fill in their notes at home. We will use a digital science interactive notebook that keeps pace with what we are doing in the classroom. If your child misses a day, current work can always be found on that website.
Weekly Current Events Form
Digital Science Interactive Notebook