In and Out of Class

August:  Focus is on the Scientific Method

September - November:  We usually start the year studying the atmosphere and weather.  It is a 12-week unit and covers everything from the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere to daily weather forecasts and their meanings to the causes of severe weather like tornadoes and hurricanes.  (Oxygen makes up only 21% of the atmosphere!)  

Just Before Thanksgiving:  Benchmark Exam on Weather Unit (45 MSL/EOG style questions)

December - February:  After Thanksgiving, we move into our next unit.  During this time, we conquer physics!  Starting around Thanksgiving we dive into force, motion and simple machines.  The unit wraps up around President's Day.

During Physics Unit:  The semester ends near the middle of January.  At this time, we have Semester Exams.  Students do take a Science Exam.  It covers all that we learned in the weather unit plus force and motion from the physics unit.  It does not cover simple machines for we have not yet address that content prior to the exam.

Mid-February:  Once we complete our Physics Unit, we will have another Benchmark Assessment.  These assessments tell us and the students how they would potentially do if they were to take the Science MSL/EOG at that time.  It is just a ballpark estimate but we can use the information to review prior to the actual end of year testing.

Mid-February - May:  We end the year with biology and the study of plant and animal cells.  We spend 9-10 weeks on this portion of the curriculum.  It is a fascinating unit and the students always have plethora of questions!!  At the end of the unit, we will once again have a Benchmark Assessment convering just the Biology portion of the curriculum.

May- June:  We finish all content in time to allow for a few weeks of review prior to MSLs and EOGs.

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