PE Rules

Kannapolis Middle School Physical Education Guidelines


1.      ALWAYS DRESS OUT FOR CLASS:     If we are not going to be dressing for class you will be notified in advance.  ONE free day will be given throughout the semester, Use it wisely!!


2.     Each day of class is worth 5 points total: Attendance = 1pt, Dressing out = 2 pts , Participation = 2pts


3.     After leaving the locker room, report directly to the gym and have a seat in your assigned position.  5 minutes will be put on the clock after the 2nd bell has rung. 1 pt will be deducted from your grade if not prepared and in your assigned position when the 5 min clock ends.


4.     NO HORSEPLAY IN LOCKER ROOM!! (Use Voice Level 1)


5.     Once you have changed clothes and enter the gym you may not leave your class for any reason without permission from YOUR teacher.


6.     NO GUM, CANDY, FOOD, or DRINK of any kind is allowed in the gymnasium or locker rooms at any time!


7.     The locker room will be locked during class.  Anything brought with you to class must put in the locker room. Nothing is allowed to be brought into the gym.( Remember to take all personal items with you when leaving class)


8.     Use proper school language at all time.


9.    Students not dressing out for class are not allowed in the locker rooms at anytime.  

10.  HAVE FUN!   And give all activities a chance before you decide you don’t like them.