UT Volunteer Parents

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Welcome to Mrs. J's Science Class. This website is dedicated to keeping parents and students informed of class, team and school activities. Science Units have been broken down by the units we will be studying throughout the school year. The units contain digital information for students and parents to access. You can find all science material under 
7th Grade Science.

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Please take the time to fill out the 
Parent Contact Form 
so that your child's teacher can contact you through out the school year. 
I am available to stay after school on Tuesday's and Thursday's to work with my students. Students are welcome to stay after school to work on science but they may also stay with me to work on other subjects as well.

Students/parents should let me know prior ahead of time to make sure that no meetings have been scheduled those days after school. 

Students are expected to stay in my classroom until their ride is at KMS to pick them up. Students will need to be picked up by 3:15pm.