7th Science

Hello Volunteers! I hope everyone had a great summer. Below is some information to help you navigate this website.

  • Weekly Plans - A brief overview what we will be doing each week in science class. Homework is not given everyday so this is a good place to check to see when it will be given.

  • PowerSchool Access -  PowerSchool allows students and parents to access students academic progress. We highly recommend students and parents check PowerSchool on a regular basis.

  • Science Units - Here you will find all the topics we will be covering this year. Here you will find power points, mimio’s, worksheets and other online resources for students who were absent, lost their work, or need to review.

  • Science Resources - On this page you find a variety of online resources that can help the students with their current topics this year. Students will also find other resources in other areas of science that they may be interested in.

  • Materials for Science - List of supplies needed for Science class.

  • EOG Review - Due to my return to 7th grade this year. At this time the section is empty but I will be adding to it as the year progresses. It will contain digital resources to help students prepare for their Science EOG. Everything we will cover throughout the year is expected to be on the EOG and students should take time to review throughout the year.