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   Welcome to Career and Technical Education
 Exploring Family
and Consumer Sciences
Life Skills


College Attended/Degrees Earned:

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development and Family Relations and a Minor in Psychology from East Carolina University.

Educational Experience:

I have been employed at Kannapolis Middle School since 1999.
Prior to becoming a certified Family and Consumer Sciences teacher I worked with Exceptional Children in a self-contained classroom setting as a paraprofessional educator.

 Educational Philosophy:

It is my goal to nurture the development of responsible, respectful, and thoughtful students and to provide every student the opportunity to learn in rich and meaningful ways that support academic and personal growth.  I hope to instill in each of my students a love for learning so that they are prepared for advanced education, work, and citizenship in a globally competitive 21-century.

Contact Information:

Phone:  (704) 932-4102 ext. 35223
Planning: 10:00-11:15
Room: F222

 2018-2019 Schedule

6th Grade REACH: 7:15-7:45 
Transition between buildings
8th Grade: 8:23-9:23 
8th Grade REACH: 9:28-9:58
Planning: 10:00-11:15
7th Grade REACH: 11:15-11:47
6th Grade: 1:00-2:00

Supply List:
Marble Notebook
Folder with Pockets
Box of Kleenex
Hand Sanitizer

Course Descriptions
6th Grade 
Exploring Personal Finance and Hospitality

Students will learn basic financial skills that encourage responsible money choices, budgeting and saving. Students will participate in the Everfi Vault online financial computer course and upon completion will earn a certificate. Students will also explore basic food service and hospitality.
7th Grade
Exploring Interpersonal Relationships and Childcare
Students will explore aspects of their personal development, personality traits, interpersonal relationships, setting goals, family types and family roles, childcare and babysitting with an introduction to the Red Cross Babysitting Program. Students will also participate in the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training) program.
‚Äč8th Grade
‚ÄčExploring Nutrition and Wellness
Students will learn about nutrition, MyPlate, essential nutrients, nutrition fact labels, healthy food choices, food safety, kitchen safety, reading a recipe, measuring ingredients and basic cooking skills.