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Please read below to answer your questions before you ask Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Vocab homework Descriptions: 
Flashcards: just the word (and part of speech if you know it) on one side, definition and a picture to help you remember the word on the other. Use notecards, if you don't have any, just cut up a sheet of paper.
Online review: Click the link on the sidebar for this week's list. Scroll down and you will see the link for Online Review, right click the link and choose "open in a new window." In the new window, type your first and last name when prompted. Choose the correct response for each number. Be sure to hit "submit" at the bottom to receive credit. If you are unable to complete the online review for any reason and have to go back into it later, you'll have to put a number on your name to get back in to the review (ex: Joe Eagle2).
Sentences: On a sheet of notebook paper, write one sentence for each word. Use the word in the sentence in such a way that shows you know what the word means (context clues). Do NOT write a definition in the sentence. You CAN use more than one vocab word in a sentence, but if we have 10 words, I'm looking for 10 sentences.

Vocab Circle: Use your flashcards to arrange TEN-TWELVE words in a circle so that each word has some relationship to it's neighbor (similar, opposites, a verb that a noun would do, use both words in a sentence). Once you have your words arranged, draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Write the words inside the circle. On the outside of the circle beside each pair write the REASON you put those 2 words next to each other. 

9-line story: Retell a story we already know (3 little pigs, The Hunger Games, Sponge Bob, The Avengers) in 9 lines. Each line has a vocab word used it. (So you will NOT have to use all of your words on the list.) A "line" is not limited to the space on the page, but please start each line on a new line, don't write in a paragraph. See a sample using Bronx Masquerade vocabulary here