Monthly Precepts

Monthly Precept Directions

Copy this month’s precept on a sheet of notebook paper. Leave a space and then write your response paragraph(s) about the precept.

Some things to THINK about before you write: (These are NOT questions to answer, you do NOT need to include information for each bullet in your response.)

  • What does it mean? (Read it through carefully a few times and think beyond the literal!)
  • What makes this a precept or “words to live by?”
  • How can you apply this lesson to your life?
  • Do you have a personal example that illustrates this precept?
  • Look at the person who said this precept.
  • Who is that person (ßMight need to google them!)  and what might it have meant to them? Why would they have said it? (think about specific events in their life or things they believe.)
  • Look at some of the specific words being used in the precept, what do they mean? (use a dictionary!)

Why is the use of this specific word important? (why does this word give a meaning that other words would not?)

Your response should be at least ½ a page, no longer than a full page.

Those directions are NOT questions to answer.
The directions say “Copy this month’s precept, leave a space and then write your response about the precept.
The bulleted list is some IDEAS on what you MIGHT write about.

#1 "Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't, you are absolutely right." -Henry Ford