Arts and Crafts
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Here's the easy drawing site we used to draw animals in class.
Explore this site for how-to draw LOTS of different stuff.

Pen and ink tutorials
Night sky

Pen and ink cool pics to look at (no how-to)
Design circles

Pen and water (check this out, might want to do instead of painting)

Straight Loom casting on and Knitting

Straight Loom cast off (finishing)

Casting on and knitting

Casting off

Needle knitting cast on

Needle Knitting
    Crochet basics

Machine sewing basics (This is good if you've used a machine before, and this machine is more similar to Mrs. Fitzpatrick's)
Introduction to sewing machine video (This video explains every detail, great if you've never used a machine before, her machine is similar to Mrs. Fitzpatrick's but the bobbin is different!)