Feathers, Brenda H.

B. Feathers Pic
Mrs. Brenda Feathers, M.Ed., NBCT
Special Education Teacher
Kannapolis Middle School
704-932-4102 ext 31731

I am....

  • Married to Bill Feathers (he works at S&D)
  • The mother of
  • Nichole Cook
    • she works at CMC Psychiatric-Northeast
    • married to Josh Cook
    • MSW from UNCC
    • Social Work Degree from UNC-W
  • Meredith Spradley
    • she works at Wal-Mart Pharmacy
    • married to Jarin Spradley
    • Pharmaceutical Tech certification from SCC
  • Gary Feathers
    • he works at Lowe's warehouse
  • Taylor Feathers
    • she works at Kohl's
  • Andrew Stewart
    • he's a sophomore at RCCC-majoring in Elementary Education
    • will transfer to UNCP and swim
  • Anthony Stewart
    • he's a sophomore at UNCP-majoring in History Education
    • on the track team (shot, discus, hammer and javelin)
    • red-shirted football O Line
  • An avid scrapbooker
  • Just bought my first motorcycle
  • Dream to set a world record one day (I've been part of two attempts - no luck yet)

Professional qualifications...

Graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School (1984)
Graduated from Pfeiffer University (1988) BA in elementary education; BA in intermediate education
Graduated from UNCC (1994) MEd in special education