4. International Organizations - Alphabet Soup

​Essential Questions.

1. How do international organizations address issues with global consequences?
2. How do international organizations and cooperative efforts impact the global community?

​North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

7.H.2.2 - Students will evaluate the effectiveness of cooperative efforts and consensus building among nations, regions, and groups.

​Learning Targets.

​The student will understand:
* Multiple organizations are often needed to address issues with global consequences.
* Human and capital resources are needed to address issues with global consequences.
* Motivations for participating in global consensus building efforts may impact how groups work together.
* International cooperative efforts often have mixed results.

The student will know:
* Motivations for the person/groups' participating in the global problem-solving process.
* Criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of international cooperative efforts such as the ability to meet the objectives set forth by the group.

Activity 1.
1. The teacher will present a series of lectures on the development and role of international organizations. Students will take notes on the presentations.

Activity 2.
1. Students will be assigned an international organization to research and present to the class.
2. Students will create a presentation (poster, multimedia) on their research. The following items must be included in their presentation:
a.) Name of the international organization
b.) Acronym
c.) Organization Members
d.) Purpose/Mission and Objectives of the Organization
e.) How effective is the organization at meeting their purpose and objectives?
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