6. Counter Reformation

Essential Questions:
  1. How does the increased global interaction affect the political, economic, social and environmental systems?
  2. How do advancements (ideas, inventions &innovations) impact political, economic, social and environmental systems?
Learner will be able to...:
  1. Identify, explain and evaluate the causes of the Reformation.
  2. Identify, explain and evaluate the causes of the Counter-Reformation.
  3. When given the objectives of the Council of Trent and a timeline of the inquisition, students will analyze the text and develop a response to a given question.

1.  Pre-Reading Guide.  Respond to the following statements with agree or disagree. Be able to give a reason for your response.

 Statement Agree/Disagree  Reason for Your Response 
1. During the Reformation, people under the leadership of Martin Luther and John Calvin left the Catholic Church and formed the basis of Protestantism.    
2. In response to the Protestant movement, the Catholic Church started a counter-reform movement in order to re-gain followers.    
3. The Council of Trent was an attempt to reach a truce between the Protestants and the Catholics.    
4. It is acceptable to "fight" for your religious beliefs.    
5. It is acceptable to push (impose) your religious beliefs on others.    

2.  During Reading-Guide. Students will be divided into groups. Each group will be assigned a passage to read and  section on the chart to complete. Once time is up, each group will share their information with the class. Each student will be responsible for completing the following chart with the reforms that the Catholic Church was attempting to make.

  Description of the Reforms   Effects of the Reforms
The Council of Trent    
Catholic Reformers & Missionaries    
Fighting the Spread of Protestantism    

3.  After-Reading Activity. Students will completed a constructed response essay on the Counter Reformation. They will need a copy of the Counter Reformation Constructed Response reading and prompt found in the attached files.
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