5. Reformation

Essential Questions:
  1. How does the increased global interaction affect the political, economic, social and environmental systems?
  2. How do advancements (ideas, inventions &innovations) impact political, economic, social and environmental systems?
Learner will be able to...:
  1. Identify, explain and evaluate the causes of the Reformation.
  2. Identify, explain and evaluate the causes of the Counter-Reformation.
  3. When given Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, students will analyze the text and develop a response to a given question.

Reading Guide on The Reformation.
  1. Students will be given a passage on the Reformation. Teacher will review text strategies and assist in a guided reading/note-taking activity.
Vocabulary Activity -
  1. As you read, create and complete the chart below:
 Key Term or Person Definition   Use in a Sentence
 Martin Luther    

Class Activity - (Section 30.2) -
  1. As a class, we will complete the chart together based on what was read in Section 30.2).
Classroom or School Activity   Historical Connection to Reformation
 The school attempted to raise money by selling points to students.  
 Students who performed poorly on the quiz or other assignments were told they could still earn high grades by buying points.  
 Students who honored the academic process or couldn't afford to buy points were troubled by the policy, believing it was wrong or unfair.  

Guided Reading Activity  - (Section 30.2)
  1. Name and describe three (3) factors, besides selling indulgences, that contributed to the weakening of the Catholic Church. 
  2. According to the author, how did these religious decrees affect the Catholic people?
Guided Reading Activity - (Section 12.3)
  1. What were the major criticisms of the Catholic Church held by John Wycliffe, Jan Hus Erasmus, and More? What were the outcomes of their "speaking out" against the Church?
  2. What were the criticisms of the Catholic Church held by Martin Luther? What was the outcome of his "speaking out" against the Church?
  3. Founders of Protestantism. Complete the chart below based on your reading:
 Founder  Location   Teaching/Ideas  Name of Protestant Religion Founded
 Martin Luther      
 John Calvin      
 King Henry VIII      

Guided Reading Activity - Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
  1. Thesis #27 says "the soul flies out [of Purgatory]" soon "as the penny jingles in the money-box." What is this action that disgusts Luther?
  2. Thesis #36 talks about repentant Christians. What do repentant Christians have a right to, in your own words?
  3. According to Thesis #45, what action makes God unhappy?
  4. Luther implies that if you have enough money, you can do what with it in Thesis #46?
  5. From Thesis #49, how are pardons useful? How are they dangerous?
  6. According to Thesis #54, more time should be spent on what activity/activities?
  7. According to Thesis #55, how many times greater, numerically, does Luther indicate the Gospel is than the pardoning of sins?
  8. What does Luther suggest should happen to the false prophets in Thesis #92?
  9. Theses #94 and #95 tell us that Luther believes Christians should do what?
  10. Based on the evidence in the text, what can we conclude is Martin Luther's main grievance against the Catholic Church? Give evidence to support your response.
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