2. Trade & Exploration

Essential Questions:

1.    How are trade and exploration connected?

2.    What were the effects of the international exploration and trade on the people and world?

3.    Why are new technologies and innovations necessary?

4.    How does the environment shape the decision made about trade and exploration?

Learning Targets:

1.    Students will be able to answer various questions about trade in the Indies, Zheng He’s travels and European exploration based on various texts and maps.

2.    Students will be able to support their predictions of the impact of the exploration based on text and knowledge.


Activity 1:

1.    Students should work in either groups or partner groups.

2.    Students will use the available resources  to complete the 3-column question sheet.

3.    Students will then trade and grade.



1.    Zheng He Article - This activity will be done first as a whole class and then as homework.

2.    Review vocabulary: imperial virtue, ambassadors, brigands, vocations

3.    Students will then read the two paragraphs and complete the three activities.


1.    Pages 76-79 from The Nystrom Atlas of World History Second Edition

2.    Pages 209-219 from History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond

3.    Pages 108-114 from History Alive! World Connections

4.    Zheng He handout/online article
Activity 1 Assessment-
  • 18 questions @ 3 points = 54 points - Points based on accuracy
  • 3 Thought Questions @ 6 points = 18 points - Points based on accuracy and evidence from text as well as individual reflection.
Homework Assessment -
  • 2 questions @ 4 points = 8 points - Points based on accuracy, evidence from the text as well as individual reflection.
  • Short Story Narrative = 17 points - Points based on creativity, incorporation text and images
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