5. World War I & World War II - Research Project

Essential Question(s):
1.  How do interacting cultures create changes in society, political systems, and economic systems?
2.  How do political systems change as a result of migration, trade, and war?
3.  How did social and political reforms affect, impact, or alter existing social and political systems? 
Learning Target(s):
1.  Utilize research skills on a given topic.
2.  Write a 3-5 page research paper.
3.  Compose document-based as well as multiple choice questions to familiarize oneself with the types of questions.
Project Due Dates:

 - Note Card Check #1 - Minimum of 10 Cards
 - Note Card Check #2 - Minimum of 20 Cards
 - First Draft Due & Source Card Check
 - Final Draft Due (Cover Sheet, Final Draft, Works Cited)
 - Multimedia Presentation Check
 - Multimedia Presentations
 - Unit 4 Exam

Activity 1. Selecting A Topic for Research

The following are some websites for possible research topics pertaining to World War I and II. Once a topic has been selected, no one else will be allowed to select that topic.


https://sites.google.com/a/lposd.org/sms-mrs-baker/wwii-web-quest/wwii/wwii-research-topics (The Best for WWII)


http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/WW1/topics.html (The Best for WWI)

Activity 2. Conducting the Research & Writing the Paper

We will be using this website for the purpose of conducting our research and writing our papers.


Primary Sources for WWI research:




Primary Sources for WWII research:




Activity 3.  Developing and Presenting a Multimedia Presentation Based on Your Research

Students will create a multimedia presentation on their topic to be presented to the class, once the research paper has been graded and approved.

Activity 4.  Writing Test Questions

Students will develop multiple choice questions using the question stems provided. At least one of the questions must be a primary source, document-based question. The primary source document should be at least a paragraph in length and cite the source of the document.


Research Process = 10 Points

Research Paper = 40 Points

Multimedia Presentation = 40 Points

3 Multiple Choice Questions = 15 Points 

Total Points Available = 105 Points

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