Grading Policies

Grading Policy:

North Carolina Essential Standards & Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies Grade 7:

Students will be graded using standards-based grading. Using the Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies Grades 6-8 and the North Carolina Essential Standards for Grade 7, students will be evaluated using the rubrics which can be downloaded from the rubrics link. The standards will be weighted using the scale below.

 North Carolina Essential Standards Scale
History - 7.H.1 - Use historical thinking to analyze various modern societies. 3
History - 7.H.2 - Understand the implications of global interactions. 2
Geography & Environmental Literacy - 7.G.1 - Understand how geography, demographic trends, and environmental conditions shape modern societies and regions.  
Geography & Environmental Literacy - 7.G.2 - Apply the tools of a geographer to understand modern societies and regions.  1
Economics & Financial Literacy - 7.E.1 - Understand the economic activities of modern societies and regions. 3
Civics & Governance - 7.C&G.1 - Understand the development of government in modern societies and regions. 3
Culture - 7.C.1 - Understand how cultural values influence relationships between individuals, groups and political entities in modern societies and regions.


Homework is a second-chance opportunity to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve mastery of the NC Essential Standards. While homework does not receive an individual weight, completion of homework assignments by the assigned due date will be a factor used to determine the level of mastery towards the standards. All homework is posted in Edgenuity.

Extra Credit:
Often, students and parents will ask for extra credit, especially at progress report and report card time. However, extra credit is not an option. Students are expected to complete all class and homework assignments to the best of his/her ability in order to achieve mastery of the NC Essential Standards. These standards were set to show growth over an extended period of time and cannot be met in one or two "extra credit" assignments.

Grading Scale & Conversions:
For reporting purposes, standards must be converted to numeric averages. Below is the conversion chart for grading purposes.

Level of
 4  A 90-100
 3  B  80-89

 2  C  70-79

Needing Specific
 1  D  60-69
Insufficient Attempts
to Demonstrate
 0  F 0-59
Incomplete  INC INC  INC 

Students receiving an "Incomplete" have not completed a sufficient number of assignments to determine growth and mastery.
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