Classroom Rules, Procedures & Consequences

Classroom Rules:

  • Be prepared for anything by always coming to class prepared with a good attitude, willingness to participate and learn, classroom notebook, black ink pens or #2 lead pencil, and loose-leaf notebook paper.
  • Follow all directions, meet every expectation, and meet every challenge.
  • All Kannapolis Middle School and Kannapolis City School policies will be enforced.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Upon entering the classroom, a student will collect his/her notebook from the crate, sit down and immediately begin working on the Daily Constructed Response.
  2. Restroom visits will require one of the three tickets issued at the beginning of the week. Students will sign out on the clipboard by the door and take the clipboard to the restroom and place in the container outside of the restroom. If the student does not have a ticket and it is truly an emergency, then he/she will be allowed to go to the restroom. However, abuse of this procedure will result in home notification.
  3. Only one student is allowed out of his/her seat to sharpen a pencil, retrieve an item, or leave the classroom.
  4. The student must have a pass to go anywhere in the building for any reason.
  5. Students will follow all teacher directions immediately.

Classroom Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviors:

These consequences may or may not take place in the order listed based on the seriousness of the offense:

  • Warning.
  • Student - Teacher Conference; Ticket
  • Guidance Referral
  • Parent/Guardian Notification (Email, Telephone Call); Ticket
  • After-School Detention; Ticket
  • Office Referral

Classroom Consequences for Appropriate Behaviors:

These consequences may or may not take place in the order listed:

  • Weekly Team Drawings
  • Eagle Talons
  • Merit Events
  • Awards Assemblies
  • Positive Parental/Guardian Notes


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