Our Curriculum

This is some of the content we are focusing on this year: English: *Learning foundational skills - know and apply phonics to decode words *Read common high frequency words *Knowledge of Language - Read text with accuracy and understanding *Reading Literature - identify the problem, how the problem was solved, central idea, characters, and give a summary of the text *Reading Informational Text - Determine the chronology, cause/effect, problem/solution presented in text; compare and contrast information in text *Writing Standards - Use the editing process and a rubric to write a narrative about a real or imagined event *Language Standards - Demonstrate understanding of the conventions of capitalization, ending punctuation, and spelling patterns when writing. Math: *Number Sense - analyze patterns and relationships; place value; understanding that the order of the digits determines the sequential order of numbers; compare positive and negative numbers; comparing numbers (including decimals) *Measurement and Data - Telling time and temperature; solving real-world problems using time, length and mass; converting between different sized standard measurements *Statistics and Probability - Collect, organize and display data using various types of graphs; interpret graphs and summarize information Science: *Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes - Understand dangerous weather conditions and safety; Understand weather patterns and phenomena; Predict weather from data collected through observations and measurements; Compare structures of the Earth's surface and how forces can change the Earth's surface over time; Summarize the structure of the Earth including the layers; the relationship between the good health of humans and soil quality and stewardship *Structures and Functions of Living Organisms - Understand the parts of plants and their given function; Summarize how flowering plants have basic structures that are necessary for reproduction and survival; Understand how internal and external structures of the human body perform necessary functions related to life (end of 1st 9 weeks) Social Studies: Standards from the Social Studies curriculum will be mainly imbedded into various programs that are utilized within the classroom, as well as, school setting. These programs are used on a daily/weekly basis and help students develop the daily living/life skills that are necessary to post-secondary success.  The following programs will be used to address the Social Studies standards: *CNN News *Employability Skills *Weekly Job Chart *Classroom Store Standards that are not covered within these programs will be addressed at different points throughout the school year. **A Note To Parents: Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the curriculum or your child's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Goals. You may reach me by phone or email. I look forward to partnering with you throughout the school year and working with your child.
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