Why Study History Results
Why Study History?  This question was asked to students on our team using the top 10 most frequently cited answers. 
4th blockHere are the results.  
‚Äč1st block- B, A, J
2nd block- B, J, G
4th block- B, C, E
5th block- B, A, E

  • A-So that we can learn from the experiences of others without paying the price it cost them.
  • B-History helps us understand people, cultures and societies.
  • C-To help solve our problems by defining the problem and showing us what has and has not worked in the past.
  • D-To help (to some extent) predict the future.
  • E-History helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to4th block ask questions and to express your own opinions.
  • F-In order to remove prejudices and increase understanding.
  • G-So that our nation can learn from the experience of nations in the past.
  • H-To learn patriotism & citizenship.
  • I-To make informed choices about government and when voting.
  • J-To understand different points of view.

B-If we didn’t know our own culture, we wouldn’t know us or the past. - Student from 2nd block

G- We need to know other nations so we can improve or do better or learn from their mistakes. - Student from 2nd block

H- I chose this because I believe in FREEDOM and civil rights! - Student from 2nd block

J- I like this one the most because people need to understand other people so they won’t judge or fight. Student from 1st block

A- We can learn without having to do what they did and go through what they went through- Student from 1st block

B- I think this is best because when we learn about someplace I understand how they live.- Student from 1st block

H- Learning to be a good citizen or helping others is a good thing. Student from 4th block

C- Helps us solve our problems and has showed us what hasn’t worked in the past. Student from 4th block

B- We learn the origin and reasoning for stuff which helps us respect and understand.  Student from 5th block

A- You can experience it without having a consequence.