About Me

Welcome to My Math Classroom


I am the 7th grade Honors Math and 8th grade Math I teacher at KMS. I am starting my thirteenth year of teaching. I grew up in Cabarrus County, and graduated from Northwest Cabarrus High School. 
Degrees Earned: 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Bachelor of Arts in Middle Grades Education
University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Masters of Education in Middle Grades Education
University of North Carolilna at Charlotte - Acedemically and Intellectually Gifted Certificate (licensure add-on)
Educational Philosophy/Vision:
I teach because I love children. I strive to provide a warm and caring environment for my students to learn in. My goal is to challenge all students in my classroom. I love teaching my students new ideas and concepts, but I also love learning from my students. I encourage my students share their ideas in class. I believe that we can always learn from each other.
Please feel free to visit our school and classroom any time during the school year. We would love for you to volunteer! Remember that it is ok for your child to struggle some in advanced classes. The material may not always come easily to every student. When students struggle, but continue to persevere, they become better learners. I am always willing to help students succeed. If you feel that your child needs some extra help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also encourage you to contact me periodically to check on your child's progress. Together, we can make this an exceptional school year.