Marston, K


My Vision:  to see students of all background and disabilities be provided the opportunity and have the ability to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

What Do I Do??

As a school based speech language pathologist (SLP) I am responsible for the following:

  1. Treatment:  SLPs treat a variety of speech and language disorders found in school-aged children of various different disabilities/diagnoses. Language disorders include deficits of expressive and receptive language. Speech disorders can be any disorder with the ability of a child to correctly produce any of their language’s speech sounds.
  2. Evaluation/Testing:  SLPs use a variety of different diagnostic and assessment tools both informal and formal in order to make a decision about whether a student needs speech/language services and/or recommendations.
  3. Collaboration/Consultation:  SLPs may be used in a school to collaborate with teachers to provide them with recommendations, resources, assistance to increase student’s language, literacy, and communication skills. This includes both students who may already be receiving services or those who do not need services.