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World History: Learning from the Past to Improve the Future

Hello Great Black Hawks! I am Mrs. Elvington and I am the Great Black Hawks seventh grade social studies teacher. I have been teaching nearly 20 years. 

I view each year as an opportunity to share our world's history with Kannapolis Middle School students so that we might learn from our past to improve our future.

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:

I have my Master's Degree in Middle School Social Studies from Catawba College and my Master's Degree in School Administration from Wingate University. I have my National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification in Early Adolescent Social Studies certification.

Educational Philosophy/Vision:

I believe that all students can learn. However, how and what students may learn depends on their learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. These must be taken into consideration on a continual basis and used as building blocks for instruction.

I believe, that ultimately, the greatest lessons that we learn come from our mistakes. Thus, making mistakes should be encouraged as this is a sign of taking risks and a willingness to wrestle outside of our comfort zone. Opportunities for reflection and revision are essential.

I believe that work ethic, communication skills, and collaboration are often more important than “knowledge.” The majority of careers in our world today, require individuals who can put their energy into completion of tasks through the use of reason, logic, and elbow grease.

I believe that no one is perfect.
Perfection is an unachievable goal; however, it has power for good or ill.

I believe that as a teacher I have tremendous power and with great power comes great responsibility. Awareness and understanding of my students is essential for their academic, behavioral, and social success in school. Power should always be used wisely.

Website Design and Purpose:

This website is designed to be available for both parents, guardians and students to be able to use it at home as well as at school. 

When a student is absent, he/she will be expected to make up any missing work. Classroom assignments will be posted on the class schedule in Canvas which is available through my.ncedcloud.org. The majority of the work that we will do in class can be found in your child's Google Classroom or Edgenuity.

Additional information that is available includes the North Carolina Essential Standards for 7th grade social studies, Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies, Glossary of Key Terminology, and NC Final Exam in 7th Grade Social Studies. Students are required to take the North Carolina Final Exam in 7th Grade Social Studies at the end of the school year. These documents outline the expectations and requirements for success on the state final exam.

Sources Used for Information and Lesson Plan Ideas Found on My Website:
World History For Us All
Discovery Education
CNN Student News
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Practical Money Skills
Colleagues: Megan Wease, Bernard Waugh, Porsche Sims
Document-Based Assessment for Global History by Theresa C. Noonan

Global History and Geography: Readings and Documents by Norman Lunger
The Global Experience: Readings in World History Since 1550 Volume II by Philip F. Riley, Frank A. Gerome, Henry A. Myers, and Chong-Kun Yoon
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Economics for Everybody by Gerson Antell & Walter Harris
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Primary Source Reader for World History - Volume II Since 1500 by Elsa A. Nystrom
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World Civilizations - Volume 2 Since 1500 by Philip J. Adler & Randall L. Pouwels
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Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont by Tom Hanchett & Ryan Sumner
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Strategies for Teaching Social Studies by David A. Welton & John  T. Mallan
Eyewitness Companions: World History by Philip Parker
Second Treatise of Government by John Locke
The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff
Documents in World History - Volume 2 - The Modern Centuries: From 1500 to the Present by Peter N. Stearns, Stephen S. Gosch & Erwin P. Grieshaber


How Parents/Guardians can help:
Should a student or parent/guardian need to contact me, I can be reached via email at sherry.elvington@kcs.k12.nc.us or school phone at (704) 932-4102 ext. 8212.  When leaving a message or email, please allow at least one day for a response. Hint:  The quickest response time is via email.
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